January 2019

About the Donkey

Grace, mercy, and peace from Al LaCour, a retired Presbyterian (PCA) minister. After serving as the senior pastor of four local churches, I developed and led RUF International, the PCA's international student ministry, to welcome foreign-born students at American universities.

These posts are my own "hee-haws." They do not represent the official views of any church, ministry, or organization.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please email me.


I was educated as an engineer. I am committed to the practice of Christian hospitality. And I help to develop welcoming and worshiping communities.

Hobbies? I brew pour-over coffee. I create and curate photo memories with my Olympus PEN-ƒ camera. And I journal and muse with my small collection of fountain pens.

In active retirement, God has called me to follow the example of the "retired Levites" (Numbers 8:23-26), to encourage and to support younger leaders.

With my beloved bride of 49 years, I reside in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We have two extraordinary adult children. Like me, they married well. We are the grandparents of three. I continue to work on my many "relational deficits," so that I keep growing as a:

Follower of Jesus Husband Dad
Papa Ambassador

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