February 2015

Weird with Wonder

Here's an odd thing — the more I experience of life's twists and turns, the more I am more drawn to those really odd passages of the Bible. The really hard-to-explain narratives. Like Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the LORD. Like Samson's bad haircut day. Or, the indignity of God rebuking Balaam with a talking ass. It's all weird stuff!

As a young Christ follower, I thought such passages were distracting and a bit irritating. They were impossible to explain to a rational mind. But, as I've gotten older, I've discovered that the book of life is full of mystery. In my struggles to wrest meaning out of the mess, I am drawn to that devious wrestler who became Israel. As I lose both hair and natural strength, I am reminded of where true strength is found.

But, here's the real kick in the butt — or heart. When I confront my own obstinacy, I wonder if I need some donkey talk, or even a swift kick in my derrière. So this web blog is born out of my life-long struggle with too much self-sufficiency, too many of my own ideas and not as much of God's wisdom, and definitely too much willfulness. Lord, have mercy! Help me to better listen, lean, and love. Amen.

From @IntlBuzz